Sunday, August 9, 2009

where the hell did haley joel osmont go?

friday afternoon (i never do much in the afternoon due to the heat) I watched pay it forward… and it still is as good as ever. and haley joel osmont, can we just remember how good that kid is (was?)… the part where his mom smacked him after he set up the date with his teacher. and the ending… I couldn’t have been more embarrassed sobbing on my couch.

2007, haley joel's mugshot... dui with possession of mary jane... he's still too cute!

I also had chawarma… and was it great.

after my chawarma induced coma, i went to the medina. i walked there and walked around for about 2 hours then caught a cab back, it was hot...! about 10 minutes after kaouther called and we all went out walking again.... and i had chawarma again. its still great.

saturdays are cleaning days, i did just that... then satuday night i went to a ray charles tribute concert in el jem for work. it was very good... i have some footage ill attempt to post somewhere.

sunday was good, tired from the night before i attempted to sleep in and didnt

we went to a lunch (a farewell lunch for a lady at amideast) at an italian resturaunt... it was good.

i loveeee food.

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