Wednesday, June 18, 2008

check it!

So, along my travels of doing nothing all the time it seems like, I've come across some very interesting/intriguing things. I have a undying obsession with Buckminster Fuller (architect, designer, inventor, visionary-the creator of the geodesic dome) and I came across these magnificent bowls by Peter Hils- the Cut'n Go Bucky Bowls. I love and want it dearly (hint, hint). It's fresh and it folds flat, what more could you want in a bowl? (buy it here) Oh and isn't it beautiful?

and for more awesome stuff, there's always ROMP which has the coolest crap I've seen. "ROMP is about play – from play with toys to play in the design of our homes."


provokactor said...

...olà Sara!
também gosta de foot...ball?

ke pena!!! percebo mal o inglês.

you are welkome to mi blog. it's korrekt???!!!
but i'tis a portugueese blog, and a little in french...

sea...asta la vista

Anonymous said...

hey its me. love the new blog. look forward to meeting you someday.