Saturday, June 21, 2008

EURO 2008

I love the fact that soccer (yes i know football) has been on continuously and ESPN (and ESPN2) has been covering most of the games. I am so excited, it sure fills up the monotony that I now know as my life! So big news, which I love is TURKEY is going to the semis!! The sad (and depressing) thing is the two teams I wanted to see in the finals, Portugal and Netherlands, were defeated. So, right now its anyone's tournament... sure as hell surprised me. I was unable to watch the majority of Friday's Portugal (lost to Germany, Ronaldo: remember the time Germany almost was elimated?) game and today's Netherlands (Russia won!?!? Where were your Van Nistelrooy?) game due to yard sale madness (I'll tell later) but I will be sure to catch it on to get the full story of these uspets (in my eyes). So... Spain v. Italy and Turkey v. Germany... I want a Spain/Turkey final personally. Soccer has provided much entertainment (once again) in this time of need (I've become a bit OCD and have began to clean... alot). I LOVE IT!

YENGI TURKIYE! (i think)

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